Nalemag 2

Cooper Gallery, Dundee, Scotland, 26 Oct 2018

At the preview of the retrospective exhibition Great Noises that Fill the Air, an installation of archival material of Bow Gamelan Ensemble, Anne Bean and Richard Wilson presented a newly developed live performance, Nalemag 2, with support from students at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, Conor Gray, Calum Ingram, Julian Larrainzar, Jek McAllister, Stella Rooney and Saskia Singer. Working as W0B they conjured the unorthodox magic of Bow Gamelan Ensemble, using their repertoire and scores of bangs, taps, thumps, rattles, echoes, whispers, blasts, booms, clangs, clashes, howls, peals, pops, roars, rolls, rumbles, slams, smashes, thuds, thumps, thunder, whams, hums, murmurs, purrs, shouts, grunts, hisses, hollers, hoots, claps, screams, screeches, shrieks, wails, whines, whistles, whoops, yammers, sniffs, sobs, squalls, whimpers, groans, laments and sighs. The audio of this performance along with a projection of an image of the last moment of the performance was left as an installation throughout the exhibition, the image washing over the actual instruments and debris left in the space.


Nalemag 2 (2018)

Performed at Cooper Gallery on 26 Oct 2018